Fake Wedding Flowers !??

Why would anyone want fake wedding flowers or fake wedding cakes??  What are these trends, and why do people do it? I'll get to the cakes in the next post, but today I'll talk about the flowers. 

I personally had fake flowers at my wedding, mostly because I was on a budget and DIY'd the entire wedding. This was the most cost effective, less stressful way for me to get it done!  Your flowers stay picture perfect, and, there's such a huge range of florals to choose from to fit any budget.  I've spend money on higher quality silk flowers, and I've also helped brides on a budget create items with flowers from the Dollar Tree!  When done correctly, they don't look awful or cheap. 

10 Reasons You'll Want Fake Flowers At Your Wedding:

  1. Biggest benefit - you can choose exactly the flowers you want, months ahead of time, order them, and check it off your list!  Done!  No worries about whether the florist will arrive in time, hefty deposits, if the colors are just right, etc. Just tuck them away and know that you're actually ahead of schedule on your to-do list and have eased some of your stress. This means you can create your bouquets, as well as boutonnieres, centerpieces, and any other floral decor well ahead of time, so it's done! Bring it to your site, have someone set up. 
  2. They're often much cheaper than real flowers, and, if you opt for better quality, they look the same as the real thing! Real wedding flowers can cost thousands, so if you're looking for areas to trim down the budget, this might be a really great option.
  3. Buying them early can help spread out the cost of the wedding, so not only are you saving money, but you're also helping manage your budget in a less stressful way.   
  4. Fake flowers can be reused or re-purposed later, rather than spending all that money and then throwing it in the garbage or compost a day or so later. You're spending thousands on something that you barely get to enjoy.
  5. If you're on a budget and DIY-ing it, purchasing a few at a time and using discount coupons is the way to go if you have the patience. 
  6. Not very crafty or into the whole DIY thing?  There are plenty of options online (including this site!) to choose from.  Sellers are often so creative that, if you send them a photo of your dream bouquet, it can most often be recreated in faux florals, and for much less. 
  7. You don't have to worry about whether your favorite flower or dream bouquet will be available or "in season."  Or pay extra because the flowers you want aren't in season but can still be bought with a hefty price tag (peonies, for instance). Faux flowers are available year around!
  8. They're not as fragile as real flowers and stems - you don't have to worry about being super careful and not breaking them, or petals flying off in the wind, or making sure they stay in water or refrigerated so they don't wilt. This is really great for summer weddings when the weather is hot. They stay picture perfect. 
  9. They're hypo-allergenic.  No sneezing or wheezing involved for you or your guests!
  10. No one will really notice! If you're worried about "what people might think" then your priorities are in the wrong areas.  Their focus should be on you and your significant other, not on whether your flowers are fake or not.  And even if they did find out, I don't think people will care.  When done right, they'd probably be shocked because they thought they were real, and would then compliment you on how smart you are!

Bottom line, if you want to save money, enjoy your wedding flowers longer, and have less stress - use fake flowers at your wedding!

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