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Mondainé Bridal Studio

We only sell bridal gowns that come in all sizes 2-28 & larger. 

We have removed any disappointment that comes when you see a beautiful dress you love only to find out that it doesn't come in your size. Your dress shopping experience should be fun and helpful in the process.  Our store only carries wedding gowns that come in ALL sizes.  There's no separate "Plus Size" section where people are excluded or have a limited selection.  If you see the gown on our site, it comes in your size! 

Look, we totally understand that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes.  It's frustrating to have to purchase a larger size dress because your boobs need to fit into it, but that creates major alterations for the rest of the dress, or that you may be more apple shaped and still need the chest area to look flattering.  Most listing may not have larger sizes above 28 on the drop down menu, but no worries - just order a custom size dress and it can be made to your measurements and size at no extra charge.  If you don't see your size, just shoot us a message and we'll help you out!   

Why Buy Online?  Won't I Miss Out on the Whole "Dress Buying Experience"?

Maybe, if you're into that....but some of us don't want that experience! Or the trauma that may come along with it.  We allow you to try on your dress in the comfort of your own home.  If you don't absolutely love it, send it back! Create your own dress trying on party at home! You'll receive tips and instructions when you order.  


About Jen

In 2009 (before Pinterest *gasp*) I went shopping for a plus size bridal gown and, to be honest, it wasn't the experience I had always imagined it to be.  After looking online for the style of dress I thought I wanted, trudging around from store to store looking for "the" dress.  I was practically ignored in a few of the big name bridal stores because I didn't look like the other size 2 brides that they could sell everything in the store to, and the boutique stores didn't have sizes for me to try on - they said I could just "hold it up to my body" to see how it would look.  I quickly became frustrated, disappointed, and hopeless.  I quickly had to face the reality that people in the stores weren't going to be that helpful to someone my size (street size 18 at that time, which meant at least a size 22 in "couture sizing"), and that there wasn't much of a selection that I could try on in my size (and especially not in an affordable price range). 

I finally ended up settling for a dress that wasn't anything like what I had originally pictured in my mind, and was way more than I wanted to pay, but, it was the only one that gave me the silhouette I had been looking for.  I also felt more depressed about my size because I had to order a size 22 due to inconsistent bridal sizing. 

I started this shop to do away with people feeling disappointment with the experience and separated because of their size. You shouldn't feel banished to a small corner of a store with limited selection, and you shouldn't have to pay a ton extra just because of your size.  We offer affordable wedding dresses in all sizes. 

US Based out of Washington state. 

We are based out of the US, so we're here to help along the way with any questions you might have.  Hop over to our Contact Us page to chat, or, send me a text at any time to: 971-300-4970.

~ Jennifer Mondainé, Owner